What is a postpartum doula?

A doula provides support, knowledge, and comfort to the family she works with. Postpartum doulas are especially important because they serve during a period of transition when parents and baby are adjusting to their new roles, relationships and finding their places in the world. 

I've had a long journey to becoming a doula, slowly nourishing  my interest in birth work and women's health since my final year of college. Wanting to put the knowledge I gathered to practice, I chose to become a certified postpartum doula through Carriage House Birth in Brooklyn. 

As a doula, I draw on my experiences in community health education, health communications and academic research to provide information and resources in a non-judging and accessible way. My goal is to provide the families I work with the support and knowledge they need to confidently be able to care for themselves and their children. 

I hold an MPH with a focus in Community Health Education from Hunter College, a BS in Community and International Development from University of Vermont, and a Certificate in Digital Health Communications from Tufts University. I enjoy spending time checking out local goods at the farmers' market, taking my dog Halle on hikes, and cooking delicious meals for my family and friends. 

For more information on the postpartum services I offer, please visit https://www.bitsykipping.com/ or contact me at hello@bitsykipping.com.