Sun Protection

Sun Protection

Happy Summer! I'm a person who could easily spend all day in the sun. But knowing how bad sun exposure can be (wrinkles! skin cancer!), I've developed a thorough routine to protect my skin no matter if I am heading to the office or spending a day at the beach. 

In recent years, I've become much more diligent in protecting my skin. As a kid, and even well into my 20's,  I would get at least one very bad sunburn a year and a few times in my life I've had sun poisoning. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, having sun poisoning just once as a child more than doubles my risk of having melanoma (a more serious form of skin cancer) as an adult. With this in mind and with a family history of skin cancer-- another risk factor that makes me more likely to develop skin cancer-- I vowed to be better about sun protection. Here's how I go about it:

In my medicine cabinet

  • Beautycounter Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer A tinted-moisturizer with SPF 20 is perfect for days when I want both coverage and sun protection. I love the way this product makes my skin look dewy.

  • Avene Moderate Protection Lotion I use this on days when I want less coverage (so, this + concealer). I am very loyal to Avene (their moisturizing mask is my #1 nighttime cream) and this SPF 20 lotion treats me well.

  • Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute This product is heavenly. It is moisturizing and has UVA/UVB protection. I highlight my hair, so its important to protect it from the sun to prevent the color from fading.

  • Dry Bar Hot Toddy Another product to protect my hair. With UVA/UVB and heat protection, I use this product on days I blow-dry or straighten my hair. Its lightweight and smells good.

In my work tote

  • HURRAW SPF 15 Sun Lip Balm I picked this up on a whim at The Detox Market while out in LA thinking I should probably get some SPF on my lips. This product has more than exceeded my expectations. Its actually moisturizing and it tastes like orange sherbet. Win-win.

  • Marie Badescu Facial Spray Okay...not necessarily sun protection but this feels so good after spending time in the sun. The rosewater spray brings life to my skin on hot, sunny days and is such a nice pick-me up.

  • The Avene lotion comes in a tiny travel size and I toss it in purse when I know I'll need to re-up on sun protection.

In my beach bag

  • Sun Bum Original Sunscreen A lightweight, SPF 15 that smells like the beach. This product contains Oxybenzone (see below) so I am on the hunt for a better alternative.

  • Coconut oil is great for both your hair and skin. When I go to the beach, I apply a decent amount of coconut oil to my hair to protect from the sun and the salt water. Doing this keeps my hair healthy and well-moisturized. Post-beach, slather on the coconut oil to quench your dry skin.

  • The Marie Badescu rosewater spray comes along to refresh during the day. I should probably buy another one.

  • That lip balm gets tossed in, too. Nothing is worse than sun-burned lips.

  • A hat and a white button down are key to my beach going experience. Physically keeping the sun off my skin keeps me both cool and safe.

A quick note on non-toxic sun care. As you may already know, when possible I try to use all-natural or non-toxic skin care products. A practice that is especially important when it comes to sun care. The chemicals found in conventional sunscreens, mainly oxybenzone , have been contributing to the degradation of coral reefs. Oxybenzone has also been linked to hormone disruption in human beings. 

When it comes to sun protection, however, finding products that are both effective and work with my skin type presents more of a challenge. When looking for safer sunscreen options, I try to choose products that offer mineral protection, containing the ingredients titanium oxide or zinc oxide. I also look for ways to protect my skin beyond sun protection products. 

Do you have any sun protection must haves? Please share in the comments below!

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