Becoming a Doula

As some of you may (or may not) know, this past June I took the first steps to becoming a doula. Well, the first active steps. Doula and birth work has been a tiny little seed inside of me for much longer but something I never chose to water or give sunlight, so the idea never grew— until last spring when the callings were much to loud to ignore.

I first came to birth work in my final semester at UVM when in my herbalism class we read the book Midwives’ by . Oh, how I loved that book and the discussions in class about womens’ health and using herbal remedies for support. “I want to do this”, I thought. But, I also thought about how I was no good at science, so that couldn’t be for me. I pushed the thought aside but it would bubble up again and again years later.

Last spring, I really allowed myself to open up to the idea of becoming a doula. Maybe you’ve noticed but doulas are kind of trending right now. Have you read this article in the New York Times (you really should) or countless other mentions in the news? Heard a podcast with Erica Chidi Cohen (she’s enamoring, just google “Erica Chidi Cohen podcast”—they are all so good)? Seen your friend gush about delicious meals her postpartum doula made on Instagram? Every time I saw or heard doulas being mentioned I went down a rabbit hole. How did they do it? What do they do now? Can I do that?

The answer, I found—with a lot of time, support, and encouragement—was YES!

And so I did! In June I took my postpartum doula training with Carriage House Birth and Birdsong. I went in with no expectations but to see if this was truly something I wanted to do but left feeling invigorated and excited to get to work. Since the training, I have continued my certification process through CHB— learning about childbirth and lactation, reading all the birth and postpartum books, finding out more and more about the birth work community. My plan is to begin seeing clients in the new year and I so look forward to serving parents’ as they transition into their new roles and phases of life.

White Bean Soup

White Bean Soup